Raavan Preview

Release Date : January 2010
Star Cast: Aishwarya Rai,  Abhishek Bachhan, Govinda, Vikram, Bipasha Basu, Priyamani
Language : Hindi
Genre: Romance / Action
Director : Mani Ratnam
Written by : Mani Ratnam
Music by  : A. R. Rahman
Here are a newcomer in the high-profile film of the year, 'Raavan'. This time also, Mani Ratnam and Abhishek are making waves with Aishwarya in their future enture Raavan. The film also stars Govinda (Hanuman) and Ravi Kishan and South Indian superstar Vikram (as Rama) in some very important roles. The film has hit the ground and the shooting is in full throttle in first in the jungles of Kerala and now in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. Abhishek is likely to lose weight and tone the body is for the drama. The film by Mani Ratnam has always maintained an atmosphere Hush-Hush in itself. And the director had roped in the dark beauty a month ago of a requirement to maintain secrecy about his involvement in the project.

Now, when the news is Out, Bipasha Basu will play the character of Mandodari, wife of Ravana. In the film, Abhishek Bachchan will play Ravan, Priyamani as the sister of Ravana Surpanaka, Aishwarya Rai as Sita and Vikram as ran and finally Govinda as Hanuman. The film will only bring the nuances of the epic Ramayana.
The film is produced in two languages Hindi and Tamil. In the Tamil version called Ashokavanam 'Vikram will test the role of Rama and Prithviraj will the costume Raavan. Aishwarya Rai will play Sita in both versions.

Initially, Sushmita Sen rumor being approached for the role Mandodari's. But as the diva refused the offer fell into the lap of Bips's, who immediately accepted.

Here are our modern times will Mandodari a sizzling item number. But no, the lady will do more than that! Bips has a role to full flight sources say 40 mins. Notre Dame is sexy packing his bags now for 20 days of shooting planned in the coming days of this month. "Bipasha costumes are ready. She is very happy with his look in the film. She looks forward to joining the unit Raavana", added the sources.
Wow, there is someone to add-on for the film. It seems that the film becomes spicier and hotter by the day.

The film is a modern take on the abduction of Sita from the Ramayana and loosely based on some nuances of Stolkhome Syndrome. The story opens with Vikram (Ram) insulting Abhishek (Ravan) s sister. Abhishek goes then all the weapons to get revenge by removing Aishwaya, wife of Vikram. Pursued by police, they hide in the jungle. And there you go, they are in love. What follows next is the rest of the film. The film is supposed to be a roantic thriller and it would be intersting to see how Junior Mr. and Mrs. Bachhan Rate displaying their talent.

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