London Dreams
Release Date : 30 October 2009
Genre : Drama, Musical
Producer : Headstart Films UK Ltd.
Director : Vipul Shah
Cast : Salman Khan, Ajay Devgn, Asin Thottumkal, Om Puri, Brinda Parekh, Rannvijay Singha, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Manoj Pahwa
Lyricist : Prasoon Joshi
Music Director : Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonsa
Cinematographer : Sejal Shah
Story Writer : Suresh Nair
Dialogue Writer : Ritesh Shah
Editor : Amitabh Shukla
Costume Designer : Ashley Rebello, Alvira Agnihotri, Anna Singh
Sound Designer : Parikshit Lalwani, Kunal Mehta
Choreographer : Remo, Chinni Prakash, Rekha Chinni Prakash, Bosco Ceaser, Rajeev Soorti


 The film London Dreams is about a rock band in England. Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan, who appear as childhood friends in the film plays the role of rock musicians. Salman plays a Punjabi guy in the movie.
AR Rahman will compose the music for the film. The film will be between seven and eight songs.
Gajner Fame Asin plays the female lead role opposite Bollywood icon Salman Khan in 'London Dreams'.

They were childhood friends. But they had little in common except their vague family connection with music. Although Arjun life has been consumed by a passionate drive to get on stage and realize his dream unrealized grandfather, Mannu had little interest in the instruments of his father, guardian of the music and simply stay a child heart with no other ambition than to enjoy the good things in life. But they were far from expecting the music to strengthen their friendship and then test it with disastrous results.

Arjun assiduously his dream at the risk of leakage of an uncle who was her

only family in a strange country and roam the streets of London before taking refuge in a music store and boot itself up so far it is ready to make its foray into the world of music and staging.

As Arjun forge a group with Zoheb and Wasim, two brothers who had deceived their family trip to Pakistan to London to pursue their musical aspirations and Priya, a lover of music from a conservative family of South India far in Punjab, the music becomes a tool of survival for Mannu, which starts play in groups of marriage in her village.

But when he Mannu in London and made him part of the band, Arjun soon realizes he has created the biggest threat and obstacle to its own ambitions.

For Mannu, with its inherent musical gift and irreverent style of the stage, became an instant darling of the crowd. What has taken years to achieve Arjun does Mannu overnight. It causes Arjun feel betrayed by the God to whom he had abandoned everything in exchange for eminence in the music.

Arjun unbearable pain of jealousy and insecurity only when Mannu also unwittingly woos and wins her secret love, Priya. When he fights his inner demons, Arjun slowly develops a sinister plan to destroy his best friend. During a three-city tour covering Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, Arjun sends a naive Mannu a roller coaster ride downward rush of sex and drugs that breaks almost Mannu spirit and the love life of his days before a show at Wembley, a place where Arjun hopes to have its hour of glory. A scene where his grandfather had failed before a crowd of 25,000 people!

But a surprise wake Arjun at Wembley at the expense of his band, his friendship and his credibility - a humbling experience that teaches him the true meaning of acceptance in life.

corporate entities, but the one to bag the rights is Indian Films, the same firm that acquired SINGH IS KINNG for an astronomical amount. LONDON DREAMS too comes with a heavy price tag: Rs. 120 crores.
Lets see is "london dreams" will be a big hit for salmaan like "wanted" or not.

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