Kites Release date(s):    Dec 2009
Produced by  :  Rakesh Roshan
Written by  :  Anurag Basu
Starring  :  Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Luce Rains
Directed by  :  Anurag Basu
Music by   : Rajesh Roshan
Cinematography  :  Ayananka Bose
Distributed by  :  Big Pictures
Language :  Hindi
KITES the next 'Dhamaka' of Hrithik Roshan is due to be released by Dec 2009. The next movie Kites is produced by Rakesh Roshan (known for directing films with the title begins with "K") and directed by Anurag Basu. Anurag Basu is known best for some of his recent appreciated Directorial work for films such as Murder, Gangster and Life In A Metro.

The film has Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut And Luce Rains. Barbara Mori (top Latin actress) is the leading actress of the film. The film is supposed to be an intense love triangle characterized Story Kangana Ranaut is the wife of Hrithik and Barbara Mori is his mistress. Hrithik plays a role of a Street Smart Scamster who resides in Vegas.

Hindi Film Kites is a love story that crosses borders and language barriers, Kites is a tale of romance between an Indian boy and a Mexican beauty Barbara Mori.

Kites is about a romantic relationship with an Indian boy and Latina girl and their predicament because they did not understand the other language. Hrithik Roshan plays a salsa teacher in "Kites".

The film has Hrithik plays a man named J, who once was a clever, intelligent, charming rue Guy, but is now a wanted man. To add to his misfortune he let die in the heat of the Mexican desert. One desire remains alive, to find the woman he loves.
Natasha (Barbara Mori). She is engaged to another man, but that makes no difference to J. If love is reducing expenses on his troubles, J gladly endure all this. She plays a young Spanish girl who speaks only Spanish, which Hrithik can not speak a word of. Then he spoke in Hindi and yet both communicate and fall madly in love.
What is the fate of this love story where the lovers do not even speak each other languages? Although she spoke in Spanish, he speaks Hindi with some English. 

Kangana Ranaut completes the love triangle by adding another angle to the Hrithik-Barbara's love story. Kangana Ranaut plays a rich girl and is represented by Hrithik’s dance student. The story takes place in Las Vegas. As part of learning to Salsa, she falls madly in love with him. But then a twist in the tale takes place and the story takes a turn romantic thriller.

Kites has some breathtaking dance of Hrithik, Barbara and Kangana. The choreography in these songs is by Flexy Stu, a renowned American choreographer. For a first song in Mumbai, Farah Khan made the choreography.

Just wait for The biggest hits of this year "Hindi Movie Kites".

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  1. I have read many previews about kites at many sites but at this blog (hindi-movie-new.blogspot.com) kites preview and pictures are superb!!!!
    Keep it up the good work guys.
    And my swt heart Barbara mori is as usual looking mind blowing :)

  2. Rajesh Says:
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  4. shalu pandey Says:
  5. Very nice preview of kites.
    we will surely go to see this movie in dec 2009


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