Release Date :28th August 2009Starring: Rajendra Prasad, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Nassar, Sandhya Mridul, Anu Menon, Raju Sundaram, Rambha, Ashwin Mushran

Director: Shashank Ghosh
Music: Daniel George 

The hero in 'Quick Gun Murugun' is not a "Krish," "Superman," "Spider Man" or "Bat Man", but it is "Quick Gun Murugun" man. "Quick Gun Murugun is based on the story of the South India. Costume, theme, history and synopsis of the film are quite new to the public. The history of film is like an epic. You can say it's an animated film showing a history of dream. The story is just like the gang warfare modern but the theme and are relatively new, like the video game.
Quick Gun Murugun film is directed by Shashanka Ghosh. Overall castings animation Rajendra Prasad (Quick Gun Murugun), Anu Menon (Locket Girl), Rambha (Mango Dolly), Nassar (Rice Plate Reddy), Raju Sundaram (Rowdy MBA), Sandhya Mridul (Moderator) , Ashwin Mushran (Dr. Django), Ranvir Shorey (San Sani Reporter), Vinay Pathak (MC Gupta), Gaurav Kapoor and Shanmugarajan (Gun Powder) played a big role. Quick Gun Murugun film is by Rajesh Devraj. The movie Western attitude, drama and indignation, crazy action and classic costume.Quick Gun Murugan as a character has already been presented at the Film Festival in London and the Indian Film Festival in Los Angeles. It was exhibited at the Asian Film Festival in New York and the Museum of Modern Art in New York as well. Quick Gun Murugan film is produced by Phat Phish Motion Pictures. The film is cinematic RA Krishna and is edited by Rabiranjan Maitra. Quick Gun Murugan film was completed in the Studio Phat Phish Motion Pictures. It is distributed by Star Fox Pictures.

Quick Gun Murugun film is like a superhero powers Guntastic. In the film Rajendra Prasad served as Quick Gun Murugun who is sincere South Indian Cowboy. He knows his duty to serve and protect his homeland. Movements for the animated story of adventure and action Murugun character Quick Gun.

The concept of Quick Gun Murugun film comes with Channel [V] Music Network promos character. The concept has become strong with Om Shanti Om movie where Shah Rukh Khan was in a small role in the Rajinikant. His dress and appearance is the same film with Quick Murugun Gun.

Murugun Quick Gun enters into an epic battle also for a short period of time. He travels through time and space. It is Swarglok. Swarglok is a small village in southern India. Finally it back to the cosmopolitan Mumbai. He falls in love too.

You should remember another video that is similar to Quick Gun Murugun - Fun2shh (2003). The film also had a fantastic story that shows the East and modern India, History of India. The film was also better in terms of dress, theme and synopsis.
Quick Gun Murugun has a story of a superhero fighting against evil. In the film you will see a new type of action is just like a character in vacuum. Dialogue, style and history in place are purely fantastic. We can say that the history of film is like a story of an epic or a folk story.

I heard many stories like Quick Gun Murugan character in my childhood, but here you can watch this story as a living. Recently, Rajendra Prasad, the film actor, made a 32.5 feet long Dosa enter the Guinness Book of World Records. It aimed to attract an audience too.

I think film Quick Gun Murugun would be great fun, entertainment and comedy as a cartoon character. The main theme of Quick Gun Murugun film is the epic battle between vegetarians and non vegetarians. The film is based on the struggle of a protagonist who is a cowboy. He fights for the virtues of vegetarian food while the wicked advocates non-vegetarian than vegetarian dishes.

Here there are many films which are based on comic, fantastic story and epic story, but the Quick Gun Murugun film is based on the farce of religion as Daddy Cool movie. Film releases August 28, 2009 on the same date of Yeh Mera India (YMI) film. YMI film also based on the Indian mentality. I like very well the dress style and handling of firearms barrel of Quick Gun Murugun character at all, my one of the most anticipated films.

The dialogue's most famous film Quick Gun Murugan "Karmabhumi Mera Ye Aangan… Terrace Mera Ye Nil Gagan… Ye Pura Duniya Mera Vatan… My Name Is Murugun…Quick Gun Murugan.

Overall, in the Quick Gun Murugan Movie Review , I can say it's a fantastic film that is not new, but they all share the adventures and costumes were rolled like scenario. Shares of the movie are like the actions Rajnikant's.

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  1. Renu nagpal Says:
  2. Itn't its name is very strange !!! 'Quick Gun Murugan'
    Can anybody tell me its proper meaning in Hindi.
    Anyways review is superb!!!


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